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    Bottom Work - Sit Out, Turn In, Chase The Waist

    Last thursday night's open mat we learned how to hip heist, then work some bottom reversals using sit outs and hip heists.CHRIS WARBRITTON BREAKS DOWN THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE MOVESSIT OUT, TURN IN USING A PARTNER   Read More...

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    2 on 1 Russian Tie to Back Trip

    This week our kids have been learning the 2 on 1 Russian Tie to a throw by and Back Trip. The Russian 2 on 1 tie up is a very useful tool for every athlete to implement in their game. Your child can practice the tie up and thrown-by on you or a sibling at home. **We do not encourage takedowns at home without mats for obvious safety reasons.    Read More...

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    For all new and returning parents of kids 8u and above. We have uploaded a match log book for you to print off . This log book is necessary for the child if they are wishing to compete at the district tournament at the end of the year.   Read More...

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