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    Thursday Open Mat - Invest In Yourself

    Invest in yourself daily/weekly. The season is shorter this year by a whole month. Our kids practice 2x a week. A lot of the top kids in the state practice 3-4 times a week and most of them practice year round.  Read More...

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    Quick Thought for Parents About Your Wrestler's Mindset

    Hey Folks, I was driving home from the Parent meeting and had a few thoughts that I wanted to get out to all of the new and returning parents. The mindset of your wrestler is just as important if not more important that knowing moves. I run through a few ways to help keep your wrestler's mindset in the right places before and after tough matches.   Read More...

  • Skin, Nails, and Health

    Its that time of year everyone. Wrestling season is here. If you are new to the sport of wrestling, this information is for you. Wrestling is a very hands on sport. There is a lot of skin to skin contact. With any sport that has a lot of skin to skin contact, we as parents must be informed on potential issues with  Read More...

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