Advanced Coaching Staff

The advanced group coaches have been in the room together for the last 4-5 years. Each coach contributes their own unique perspective and style of wrestling. Our advanced coaches are guaranteed to make your boys & girls push their wrestling to the next level. The athletes in this class have a general understanding of the fundamentals of wrestling. The core focus in this class will be to help each wrestler build upon their individual strengths and add more weapons to their arsenal. This class will be a higher paced class with plenty of live wrestling.

Advanced Posts

  • Bottom Work - Sit Out, Turn In, Chase The Waist

    Last thursday night's open mat we learned how to hip heist, then work some bottom reversals using sit outs and hip heists.CHRIS WARBRITTON BREAKS DOWN THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE MOVESSIT OUT, TURN IN USING A PARTNER   Read More...

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