Our minds are the most complex tool that we can ever use! It's capabilities are only limited by what you decide to put on them. With that being said,there is no knowledge that can be obtained when talking. Although are brains are complex, sometimes they are very one tracked, especially at young ages. I was very fortunate to have a Father and Mother that bestilled in me God's plan for my mind. I will never forget my Mother teaching me (usually when I was upset) to always be slow to speak and quick to listen. This creed has been with me everywhere I have ever went. For those of you that do not know me, I am usually the quiet guy in the corner in most every circumstance. All the time hearing my mothers voice, "Be slow to speak son! Always listen closely." As the wrestling season progresses and my years on this earth grow more, I still think about this everyday! I would like to offer everyone a question to ask yourself and your children...... Does anyone know why the mere sound of a lion's roar brings fear to not only us, but to every animal around them!? .......... A lions roar bestills fear because he doesn't roar with every breath he takes!! Fear is always brought on because something is uncommon or uncomfortable. Wrestling is not easy! I would challenge you to find something that is as physically and mentally draining as wrestling! The art of grappling/wrestling has been around as long as creation. What your child can gain from wrestling is far beyond the physical ability to win matches. Wrestling gives children and young men and women the mindset that they can do anything, but this calls for more help than a coach can give your child in a few short hours a week. Although i am not a father yet, I feel a very spiritual obligation to share with others what was shared with me as a child. This all starts in a child's mind. I would encourage you to show your children that silence is not a sign of weakness. More so, it is a sign of power building. Encourage them to always  listen and be respectful. A stilled mouth allows a heart to understand. There is no better feeling than winning in wrestling! But, I feel the same feeling knowing that we are helping young men and women grow into young adults that know how to when at life. For those of you new to wrestling, this is a family!! Much like a pride of lions, we must know when to be still and we must know when to roar. 

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